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Doing Homework


Parents are our closest partners at MCA. We recognize that a strong relationship and communication between, parents, teachers, and administrators is the key to success for our students.


Our Curriculum

MCA is A Classical Academy that cultivates culture and wisdom in our students. We focus on Focusing on Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric to help students become lifelong learners. We teach our k-5 students using Core Knowledge, Saxon Math, and Shurley English.

Core Knowledge

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge is a curriculum, a systematic syllabus of topics to be studied by students that include topics and subtopics in language arts, world history, American history, geography, visual arts, music, mathematics, and science. Core Knowledge balances the description of academic skills with a prescription for subject-content knowledge. The curriculum is designed to give educators a way of knowing what students have experienced in school and to give students a common foundation on which to build additional learning.


Core Knowledge

A classical education model is built on the trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The first stage of the trivium is grammar, which focuses on teaching the mechanics of language to the student. Core Knowledge provides the strong foundation needed for students to grasp the mechanics of language.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math is a teaching method for incremental learning of mathematics. It involves teaching a new mathematical concept every day and constantly reviewing old concepts. This spiraled approach allows students to constantly build a bank of knowledge through their elementary years.

Shurley English

The unique features of Shurley English give students the concrete steps necessary to relate the following:

  • a definition to a concept.

  • a concept to a skill practice.

  • a skill practice to writing.

  • writing to effective speaking.


Competent writing begins with understanding correct sentence structure, expands to paragraphs, and results in the enjoyment and satisfaction of well-written essays, reports, and letters. Shurley English provides this and will act to support Core Knowledge.

School Bus & Children

Meeting the Needs of EC Students

MCA  is committed to meeting the needs of all enrolled students. It will be our policy that every child have a fair and full opportunity to reach his or her full potential and that no child shall be excluded from appropriate educational offerings.

The EC department screens of all students referred by the School Support Team (SST.) The EC department develops educational plans and strategies for special needs students. The EC department will take every reasonable measure to prevent denials of equal educational opportunity on the basis of physical, emotional, or mental handicap; and will assure that the rights of students with special needs and Monroe Charter Academy and their parents or guardians are protected.


The staff of MCA will be aware of students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) or a Section 504 Plan and make sure that all requirements are being met as prescribed. The IEP will be updated regularly and adjustments will be made to accommodate each student. An EC teacher, classroom teacher, parent, and administrator will be given proper notification and invited to attend all meetings. There will be ongoing assessments in classrooms to identify students with special needs. Students with a Section 504 Plan or identified as being eligible for a 504 plan will be offered accommodations and or services for the identified disability.


Accommodations and services for both IEP and 504 plans will include but not be limited to: modification of tests and assignments, supplemental textbooks, adjusted seating, use of study guides and organizational tools, preferential seating, modified recess and PE, and use of necessary health care procedures.

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